Who we

We are a Trinidad based change consulting, facilitation and training company, and a woman led small business.  We are passionate about helping teams and individuals change the way the work so they can love their work, not just some days but everyday.

What we do

We help teams reach their full potential. We improve the way teams navigate change, the way they meet, the way they work together, the way they communicate.

What we believe

We believe in people and the great things they can achieve when we unleash their thinking and empower them to work together as a team.  

We believe work should be inspired, it should bring out the best in everyone.

Meet our founder

Tricia Conyers (BA, MA, MEng)

Before founding Island Inspirations, Tricia worked in the change management industry for more than 20 years. During this time, she transformed the performance of business and teams. She has also delivered numerous experiential learning sessions, trained multiple consultants in a bespoke change methodology and shifted hundreds of meetings from “blah” to “wow”. 

When she’s not helping leaders and their organizations improve the way they work, you can find her taking photos—a hobby from which she made a small fortune of $14— or doing pilates. Tricia is a Cambridge graduate and a lifelong learner who currently resides, with her family, in Trinidad and Tobago: a beautiful Caribbean nation that she represented in dressage and show jumping competitions. That was many years ago, but, it’s still awesome.

For more info about Tricia, you can view her profile and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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Our logo, the infinity sign built from light sparks, is meant to represent how we ignite infinite thinking, and unlock infinite ideas and possibilities 

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