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Unlike children, adults aren’t stimulated by additive learning. Adults need experiences that challenge their thinking and allow them to discover new insights. Our Bespoke Learning Experiences will take the content you need to train your people in and turn it into an immersive learning experience. The kind of experience that makes everyone involved in the training engaged,excited and energized.

Our thinking affects the quality of everything we do, and how well we are able to think depends on how well we treat each other. In this learning experience, you’ll learn the ten thinking environment behaviors and how to bring them to life in your meetings. This way, you’ll unlock the thinking of everyone involved, and improve the results of every meeting. 

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The Thinking Council is an idea generation or problem-solving session, where a number of people (the Council) gather to help one individual think about a current problem or challenge that they are facing. The very structure of the session encourages diverse viewpoints and ideas and avoids the unconscious bias of ‘group think’ that occurs in most group settings.
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The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Research shows that this kind of mind-on, hands-on learning results in a more meaningful understanding of the world, and its possibilities. The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue for everyone in your organization. Workshop participants leave with the skills they need to communicate more effectively, engage their imagination, and approach their work with more confidence and commitment. 

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Empathy Toy® is a collaborative puzzle game that can only be solved when players understand each other. The true power of the toy comes from the conversations that happen after the game. Players learn how they deal with patience, frustration, and, most importantly, how they creatively communicate. Regardless of the group size, the game acts as a metaphor for real-life scenarios. This session is great in person and for remote teams looking for a fun and impactful activity to open up discussions around communication, creativity, and collaboration:

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It can be hard to talk about failure. The Failure Toy® challenges the notion that failure is something to be feared and hidden, and instead something that can be practiced and developed as a skill. The Failure Toy® helps players develop healthier, more productive relationships with failure and explore the impact on their teamwork.

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As leaders you understand the importance of building a learning culture and investing in the development of your people. But have you ever sent your team on training and when they return to work, they to do so with the same behaviors, skills and mindsets? It’s not their fault. The problem is the way these training sessions are designed.

The way adults learn is through thoughtfully designed learning experiences that extend beyond the “classroom”. That’s what we do at Island Inspirations. We design learning experiences that unleash the latent capacity and full potential of your team.

Our learning experiences are blended events combining in-session group learning, peer group exploration, self directed learning and 1-1 coaching. They are powerful, visual, playful, and experiential by design. Our events will help your team build connections, deepen their craft, learn from failures and work on their real day-to-day challenges.

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Learning isn’t helpful if you don’t remember any of it. Most organizations invest in expensive leadership programs for their employees, just to find that they don’t remember anything of it by the time they return to the office. This is not the employees’ fault.

Most of these learning experiences  aren’t sticky, particularly for adults. Unlike children, adults don’t learn well by sitting in classrooms. And they rarely change their behavior because someone introduced them to new content. Your people need validation, autonomy, respect, and self-direction to unlock their desire to learn. That’s what our Professional Development Courses provide. 

Our interactive learning experiences combine in-class sessions, peer group work, one-on-one coaching, and asynchronous learning. We deliver all our courses online and/or in-person:

Professional Development courses

We’ve trained people at all levels of an organization – from executives to front-line leaders – in the fundamentals of leadership. Our course covers leading self, leading others, leading teams, and leading change.

In the Fundamentals of Leadership course, you will: 
  • Explore the role and key skills of leadership
  • Understand the role of empathy in leadership
  • Understand how and when to flex your leadership style
  • Practice and improve giving and asking for feedback
  • Understand the importance of basic performance coaching as a leadership skill
  • Understand the differences required to lead change and more

Change is constant, and organizations that want to thrive must expand their capabilities to manage change. At Island Inspirations, we have designed, taught and coached hundreds of change agents in our bespoke change methodology. This methodology is built on the fundamentals of collaboration, co-creation, empathy, and engagement.  

In the Navigating Change course, you will: 

  • Explore the emotional side of change
  • Understand how to lead change
  • Learn key change models and tools
  • Apply concepts to your change project


Facilitation is the leadership skill of the future. Leaders who can facilitate are the ones who can leverage the collective strength of their team members. As INIFAC Certified Master Facilitators, LEGO Serious Play Certified Facilitators, and Time to Think Certified Facilitators, we’ve designed a facilitation training program that leverages the best practices in all of these methodologies.

In the Facilitation Basics course, you will: 

  • Learn basic facilitation techniques
  • Learn how to ensure all voices are heard
  • Learn how to create an environment of safety
  • Learn how to manage disruptive behavior

Middle managers spend an average of 35% of their time in meetings, and that number goes up to 50% for upper management. Whether this time is wasted or put to good use depends upon one thing: meeting skills. Having the right tools and techniques allows you to run effective meetings that engage everyone in the room.

In the Effective Meeting Skills course, you will: 

  • Learn how to design meetings that get results and engage participants
  • Learn and apply practical meeting tools and techniques
  • Boost your confidence to lead meetings 

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1-1 coaching

Personal coaching support is a great way to level up your skills. If you are looking to re-designing or re-think your meeting culture, in-house workshops and/ or professional development sessions we can help.

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