If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, the word would be 'meetings'.


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Facilitation is what makes the difference in workshops.

Whether it’s in groups, teams, online, or in person, gatherings create the perfect conditions for the unexpected to occur. With facilitation, the unexpected becomes powerful and transformative.  

As professional facilitators and visualizers, we design your workshops from beginning to end, to ensure that you get deep and focused engagement with the issues at hand.  

We create a workshop environment that leverages all voices, keeps your people engaged, and unlocks their best thinking.  

We are certified facilitators with INIFAC, Lego® Serious Play® and Time to Think, and our workshops leverage the best and these and other methodologies. 

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Meetings are either an opportunity to solve big problems together or a waste of everyone’s time and energy. We find that in most cases, it’s the latter. And, since meetings take place all time, there is a big opportunity to make them productive.  

We design meetings with intent and bring a wide range of techniques and skills that will help you achieve your intended outcomes, with improved participation, collaboration, and involvement from everyone in the meeting.

Are you a meeting owner wanting to improve the meetings you lead? In addition to meeting design services we offer 1-1 coaching to help redesign your meetings.

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Virtual Meetings and remote working

Virtual meetings — and remote work in general — are here to stay. Despite being convenient in many ways, remote work can have its downsides. In addition to not being as engaging as in-person meetings, things can get awkward and frustrating with remote communication. That’s where we can help.  

Our Certified Virtual Facilitators have been leading remote teams and designing remote meetings and training since 2008, long before virtual communications became mainstream. We understand the importance of using the right synchronous and asynchronous tools and platforms for managing remote teams and to cultivate a “virtual space” for collaboration.

Are you looking for MIRO/MURAL training or template design, support for your virtual meetings, conversations, projects or even retreats? Reach out we can help.

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Teamwork makes dreams work. Working together and working as a team are two completely different things. As a leader, you know the importance of teamwork, and you’ve probably tried everything to unleash the full potential of your team.

At Island Inspirations, we help leaders unlock the collective power of their teams by transforming their teamwork culture. We design team “away days”, leadership retreats, and offsite events that challenge, excite, and help you achieve your goals.

We build play into your work, ensure that every voice is heard, and kickstart your team’s momentum towards their new best performance. The kind of performance that your team never believed was possible.  

Team Away Days and leadership offsites

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