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Island Inspirations is committed to helping others change faster, meet better, learn smarter and communicate differently.

We specialize in experiences that ignite change and results.

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As a leader, your performance is measured by your ability to lead others to deliver great results. You’ve hired the top talent, and your team put their best effort into everything they do. However, you’re still not getting the results you want to achieve.

Your intuition tells you something is missing.

Your team’s overall performance is mediocre, at best. 

You know your team is capable of delivering better results. You know they have the capacity to excel, but you can’t tell why you’re not seeing results. We’ve heard this same story countless times. And the cause of this problem isn’t as complicated—or mysterious—as you may think. 

While we are located in Trinidad, we are a global company, working virtually with you and your teams.

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We help teams reach their full potential. We improve the way teams handle change, the way they meet and work together, the way they communicate, the way they solve problems, and we build their leadership capabilities. We help leaders like yourself to future-proof your business, get the best out of your people and directly impact your bottom line results.

Change Navigation Coaching
Learn how to navigate the intricacies of change and make change stick in your organization. Learn more
Strategic Inspiration Sessions
Get the clarity and alignment you need as a leader to help your business thrive and grow. Learn more
Workshop Facilitation
Empower your team’s thinking to help them engage in the right conversations, make better decisions, and make magic happen as a team. Learn more
Meeting Design and Facilitation
Improve your meeting culture to ensure that everyone is engaged during meetings, and motivated after meetings. Learn more
Virtual Meetings and Remote Working
Leverage synchronous and asynchronous ways of working and communication to increase productivity and get faster results. Learn more
Team Development Workshops and Leadership Offsites
Deliver a memorable and inspirational experience. One that leaves teams focused, aligned, engaged, and ready to deliver. Learn more
Learning Experiences

Connect learning to real life scenarios. Practice the skills needed to overcome your challenges and lead differently.

Learn more

Professional Development Courses

Build leadership skills for the 21st century with any of our leadership courses: Fundamentals of Leadership, Navigating Change, Facilitation Basics, Effective Meeting Skills and Remote Working, and Virtual Meeting Skills.

Learn more

1-1 Coaching
Work with a personal coach on designing your meeting culture, in-house workshops and/ or professional development sessions.

Learn more

Graphic Facilitation
Make conversations visual. Help your teams to see trends, patterns, and connections. Make your meetings more memorable for everyone involved. Learn more
Live or Digital Graphic Recording
Capture ideas and illustrate conversations digitally or in the meeting room — so participants can see their conversations and ideas visualized in real-time. Learn more
Hand Drawn Communication Graphics
Communicate with your stakeholders differently and with bigger impact by using custom, hand-drawn, large-scale graphics. Learn more

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The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.

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